Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Conference: Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Biological Transformation involves changes similarly profound as the digital transformation for economies and societies around the globe. The increasing application of materials, structures and principles of nature in technology and management will enable entire new solutions and high-tech markets, leading to far-reaching social and economic change processes. Biological Transformation is empowered by progress in life sciences, advances in digitalization, as well as in material and production sciences. Essential challenges of today‘s societies can finally be addressed – with sustainable growth strategies and lasting efficiency that affects all areas of value creation.

Understanding the complex effects of new technologies and disruptive innovations is essential for the success of entire societies and economies. Any structural change through technological developments must be recognized, understood and communicated at an early stage in order to actively shape long-term impact on economic, social, political and cultural terms.

As Europe’s largest organization for applied research and an established partner to industry, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is perfectly positioned to prepare an international, stimulating and controversial debate on the cross-cutting task of Biological Transformation. FUTURAS IN RES is the right forum: ideas meet solutions, developments meet supporters and critics, thinkers come up with new questions. Industrie 4.0, bio-manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, biomimetic design, resilience engineering, circular economy and sustainability are brought together in six focus sessions. Leading international experts from various scientific areas and industries are invited to share their innovative ideas and discuss opportunities and challenges in an interdisciplinary setting.

FUTURAS IN RES combines scientific excellence with a global perspective and a profound focus on value creation.

With this new conference, Fraunhofer convenes visionary scientists from a wide variety of disciplines and leading decision-makers from politics and business. We look forward to Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Anja Karliczek, Federal Minister of Education and Research, and Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, as well as renowned industry representatives.

Sincerely yours
Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer
President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft