Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

About Biological Transformation

The first »FUTURAS IN RES« conference

Biological Transformation means nothing less than the increasing application of materials, structures and principles of living nature in technology and management with the goal of sustainable value creation. It is driven by progress in the life sciences enabling a better understanding of biological processes. Combined with advances in digitization, as well as in materials and production sciences, entire new technological solutions and high-tech markets arise.

Last but not least, the Biological Transformation leads to far-reaching social and economic change processes – with sustainable growth strategies and lasting efficiency that affects all areas of value creation. Essential challenges of today's societies – resource and energy consumption, climate change and the lasting relationship between man and nature – can finally be addressed.

This process began in the 1920s with the poppy salt shaker and does not end with the swarm intelligence used by today’s robots. The Federal Government of Germany has already promoted the extension of biological knowledge with programs and measures like the »Rahmenprogramm Biotechnologie« and the "Nationale Forschungsstrategie Bioökonomie 2030". Biological Transformation complements digital agendas necessarily with a strategy for sustainable growth and innovation strategies.

Still, this approach needs to be successfully transferred to key areas of our economies. A crucial task in this context is the cooperation of different groups of stakeholders and their participation in shaping this transformational process. Building on the needs of civil society, policy, research and the economy, the questions arising during the process have to be solved in an integrative way across different research disciplines, politicial departmens and sectors.

To this end, the conference »Biological Transformation of Manufacturing« will be a platform for interaction and contribution, and at the same time initiate the new, future-oriented conference series "FUTURAS IN RES".