Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Session 6 – Bio-intelligent value creation systems – the friendly interaction?

Modern sensor technology, autonomous vehicles, and robotics have played an integral role in fostering efficiency as an economic factor in manufacturing. Looking at natural ecosystems, the resilience to external factors often takes on a higher priority than the efficiency of the system. With this emphasis on adaptation, can nature inspire new concepts for supply chain dynamics and hereby show a path to a higher level of economic stability? How can such principles be transferred into the organizational structures of manufacturing ecosystems and what effects will their implementation have? Furthermore, there is an ongoing transformation in supply chains and robotics due to artificial intelligence which is increasingly taking its inspiration from nature. Is there something beyond simple imitation of human behavior in this strategy and what are the implications for new approaches to human-machine networks?

Date: 29 June 2018 11:00 am – 12:30 pm