Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher

Executive Director, Fraunhofer IPT

Personal Statement

"Biological transformation describes the progress towards a profound symbiosis between industrial creation of value and life sciences. This change is not limited to the product level but includes processes, methods as well as structures. For production technology, the key challenge is to match its model-based, deterministic approach with the variability of natural processes."

Work experience

2018Executive Director of Fraunhofer IPT
2015 – 2017Deputy Director of Fraunhofer IPT
2012Executive Director of Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production AZL
2004University professor for the subject machine tools at the RWTH Aachen
1995 – 2001Research fellow and senior engineer of mechanical engineering (WZL) at the RWTH Aachen

Course of studies

2002Doctorate Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)
1990 – 1995Diploma studies Mechanical Engineering RWTH Aachen