Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Dr. Jan Mrosik

CEO Digital Factory Division, Siemens AG

Personal Statement

"State-of-the-art PLM software brings the concept of biology into the manufacturing environment: Using generative design means mimicking nature's evolutionary approach to design. Iteratively improved “digital twins” evolve virtually until the perfect shape is identified, fulfilling the requirements best and often reminding us of natural organic shapes, like plants or wings. Additive Manufacturing empowers us to create and produce these shapes we never imagined could be made by using traditional manufacturing methods."

Work experience

Jan Mrosik began his Siemens career at Information and Communication Networks in 1996. In 1998, he took over the responsibility for the Siemens Communications business with Vodafone D2. In 2002, Mrosik transferred to Siemens Telecommunications Pty (Ltd) in South Africa, where he was responsible for the communications business of Siemens in Southern Africa. Between 2007 and 2016, he held various management roles within the company’s energy department, including being CEO of Energy Automation, Smart Grid and Power Transmission, and CEO of the Energy Management Division of Siemens AG.

Course of studies

 Jan Mrosik holds a doctorate in electrical and industrial engineering