Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Prof. Dr. phil. habil, Dipl. Phys. Klaus Kornwachs

Personal Statement

"Let it Grow – About the Biologisation of Technology and Work
1. Mechanisation, Automation, Informatisation, Biologisation – the steps how technology has been and will be transformed
2. Interaction between “Biofacts” (i.e. artifical biological systems) and natural systems with respect to production and products
3. Cycles, waste management and sustainability must be newly designed
4. Living systems as instruments – questions of responsibility for Biofacts beyond bionics, imitation and simulation
5. What’ up with the Biologisation of Human Work?"

Work experience

 National Academy of Science and Engineering, Munich
 Office for Culture and Technology, Argenbühl
2014 –Honorary Professor, China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center at Tongji University, Shanghai
1990 –Honorary Professor Humboldt Study Center for Humanities, University of Ulm
1992 – 2011Former Chair for Philosophy of Technology, BTU Cottbus
1978 – 1992Senior Fellow Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), Stuttgart

Course of studies

Studies in Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy at Tübingen, Freiburg, Kaiserslautern, Amherst MA, Diploma in Physics (1973), Ph.D. in Philosophy (1979), Habilitation in System Theory (1988)