Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Dr. Maria Soliman

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Personal Statement

"The European economy is moving from a linear towards a circular economy; in order to achieve this goal all potential solutions have to be combined together: Using non fossil resources is one contribution, chemical and mechanical recycling another one, a third one is the electrification of the chemical industry using renewable energy and the use of digital tools and artificial intelligence in production and product and application design."

Work experience

2015 –Research fellow at SABIC
2010 – 2015Chief Scientist/Innovation Manager at SABIC Technology
2006 – 2009Technical Product Manager and Technical Account Manager at SABIC Automotive
2002 – 2005Product development Polypropylene at SABIC Technology
1995 – 2002Material scientist and product developer at DSM Research

Course of studies

1993 – 1995Post Doc on Rheology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Prof H.H. Winter rheology of blends of polyarylethers)
1989 – 1993PhD in polymer physics at the Deutsche Kunststoff Institut (now Fraunhofer) in Darmstadt (Prof J.H. Wendorff on Chain Flexibility in polyarylethers
1983 – 1989Physics in Technische Hochschule Darmstadt