Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

Dr. Yichen Shi

CEO of Axol Bioscience

Personal Statement

"A number of revolutionary technologies are coming into play at the dawn of the biotech golden age. Super stem cells like iPS cells can now be produced from any individual including patients with genetic diseases; precision genome editing techniques such as GRISPR/Cas9 are widely adopted and have been applied to effectively modify genetic codes in many human cell types; 3D cell culture and tissue-on-chip have become the new routes for creating physiologically relevant drug testing platforms. There is just an unlimited amount of potential these new tools can offer. Now the big question for us is - how do we translate the initial experimental success, produced with these tools, to reproducible assay results and reliable products that can benefit human health?"

Work experience

 CEO of Axol Bioscience

Course of studies

 Yichen has studied neuroscience and stem cell biology at the University of Cambridge. At the end of his PhD, Yichen founded Axol – a company specialised in providing tools for developing human cell-based disease models and cell-based assays.
 While Yichen was doing his PhD at Cambridge, he has focused on developing methods of producing cerebral cortical neural stem cells and neurons from human iPS cells. The company he founded now aims to extend the boundary of human cell production from iPS cells by developing reliable production SOPs for a range of important human cell types for drug discovery and regenerative medicine research.